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someone on the WoW beta manage to trigger a bug which filled his base with an infinite number of respawning skeletons, which followed him to the graveyard when he died and won’t go away even after he’s been killed repeatedly, abandoned the quest which summoned them, and logged out and back in again, so he’s trapped as a corpse until it is fixed


world of warcraft finally replaced with superior game “infinite skeleton hell”


Amazing artwork by “sharaektro”

When i was young i always wanted to have Patamon as my Digimon partner and TK was my favourite Digidestined. I think from all the characters in the first season the two of them undergone the greatest development.Both started as playful, anxious children, but with the series developing, they became responsible and independent parts of the group. And besides, they are so adorable, you cannot refuse to like them!!

Personal stuff: “I am sorry that i uploaded neither my “Rewatching project” nor my “Mamoru Hosoda Special”. It was a really busy week with a lot of studying to do. I hope that i can continue both of them tomorrow”

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